My life as a pincushion and other adventures in infertility

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Uterine Lining

So, we are in a holding pattern. Many pills, patches and acupuncture appointments later, my lining went from 7mm to 6mm. Um ... hello uterus ... that is NOT what I told you to do. It appears there are some communication issues between my uterus and I.

My nurse at CCRM told me that sometimes they see the lining begin to compact in a cycle. Basically, it is the body's way of saying, "it ain't happening this time." So ... it is disappointing to say the least, but we are trying to stay chin up. We still have four great quality 5-day-olds out there. We'll just have to learn patience before we get to bring them home. Patience has always been a tough one for me.

The next attempt probably won't be until April or May, since they want all the meds in my body now to completely flush out first. Spring is a beautiful time of year in Colorado, so we'll put that in the plus column. Next time through, we will use injectable estrogen along with the pills and patches and see if that does the trick. Since I haven't had this problem historically, they think it will. They will take the birth control pills and Lupron out of the equation.

What to Do While Waiting

I have an easy answer. Run away to Paris. This is my reaction to stress. Some people eat ... I choose to eat in a foreign country. I think I have officially convinced the hubby that we should book up. Perhaps the next time I post, I'll be eating a croissant!

To the Other IVFers Out There

If you are reading this, you are probably an IVFer like me. Just a shout out to the community boards on Fertility Community. They are an incredible place to vent, smile, chat and learn from all the other strong women experiencing the same thing. If you are headed to CCRM, there is a "CCRM Girls" group and lost of wisdom within in. I highly recommend it.