My life as a pincushion and other adventures in infertility

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Oh Why Won't My Lining Cooperate?

So, I am estrogened up. And when I say estrogened up, I mean it. My counts are currently over 5,000. My lining ... not so much. The first ultrasound showed a 7.1mm. Better than last time, but no where near the 12mm that it got to during the stim cycle.

What the heck? The more frightening part is when I asked my nurse what the alternatives are, she pretty much said they are using all the big guns on me. There aren't other super lining drugs out there to try out that we haven't tried.

Our Plan

So, I hit a slump last night. As you can imagine with my estrogen levels, the emotions weren't exactly steady to start with. Today, feeling a bit better.

We've decided to head to Denver for the next ultrasound on Sat. They just have better equipment and the techs seem to do a much more detailed job. So, there you have it. I'm going in to ultrasound 2 with mad hope. What else can a girl do?

Mr and Mrs IVF and the Hope They Give Me

The plan from Doc S is to rescan on Sat, with the hope that the lining has beefed up a bit, but as long as it hasn't shrunk at all, they want to move forward with the transfer. I have mixed feelings, because it took so very much to get our frozen family and I don't want to transfer unless it is optimal conditions. That said, it doesn't look like there is any known way to get me to those optimal conditions.

The story of Mr. IVF (who has since become Mr. Inbetween and is a second trimester father of twins) gives me hope. Mr and Mrs. IVF found themselves in the same exact situation. They transferred two post-micro-array blasts at CCRM with a 7mm lining and -- VOILA -- it all worked out.

The bonus of traveling to Denver is I get to have Easter with my Ps in Boulder. I like that bonus. I will be feed well and taken care of. Yep. I like that bonus a lot.

On a side note, any one else have estrogen that high? I am a LOT of woman right now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 1: Let The Games Begin

So, Day 1 finally arrived earlier this week and I've been getting estrogened up for our FET at CCRM ever since. And when I say estrogened up, I do mean estrogened up. Estrace 3 X a day, Del Estrogen shots in the arse 2 X a week and patches. Let the games begin. Frozen family -- I'm coming for you!

All I Want for Easter ...
Our tenative transfer date is April 7th, which I love, because it means I will be at my parents house in Colorado for Easter ... which I haven"t been in years. My mother has already dusted off my basket, which is also the basket she used as a little girl, and the one I hope my child will use next year. And I know what I am asking the Easter Bunny for ... yep ... two eggs in my basket, please!