My life as a pincushion and other adventures in infertility

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the Betas Are In ...

It turns out I am no better waiting for my betas than I was during the two-week wait. I'm pretty sure I am supposed to be learning a lesson in patience here ... but I'm not sure it's sticking!

So, beta number two (11DP5DT)has come in at 309!!!!! It more than tripled from my first beta (9DP5DT), which was at 92.8. *Sigh* I'm really knocked up. (OK ... even that little comment is enough to start me crying. The emotions have definitely not been what you would call on solid ground. Welcome to hormones.)

Surprisingly, I have already been nauseated on and off for a few days. On the first night I felt it, I questioned whether I had food poisoning. Sorry neighborhood burger joint. I wrongly accused you! It was all the work of the the bean(s).

The Birthday Present

I also received the orders for our first ultrasound to see the heartbeat today. And it turns out, it will be on May 5th, which just happens to be my 38th birthday. This is going to be the best birthday of my life. (Don't worry Mom, my the Alice in Wonderland Birthday party when I was 5 still comes in a close second.)


  1. Awesome news!! Congratulations!!!!!!


  2. Well look at you! Thems is some very impressive numbers. And the triple jump.....hmm....makes me think twins. :)

    Get ready to see your bean(s) on Cinco de Mayo and welcome your 38th birthday with a great big smile!

  3. Wow, those are some great betas! May 5 is supposed to be our transfer date. Here's hoping that day brings good news all the way around!