My life as a pincushion and other adventures in infertility

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mr. Team IVF has a few things to say

Greetings to all the boarders:

First the very, very good news: Mrs. TeamIVF is the new recipient of two hatching blastos. More on that later since she's still napping and the cat keeping her feet warm looks like he doesn't want to be disturbed. Mrs. Team, however, gave me full permission to post for her. Of course, the temptation to say all sorts of snarky things immediately goes out the window when I remember that Mrs. Team's estrogen is somewhere in the Everest range. But then I also remember that moi, Monsieur Team, has had his work completed a long, long time ago.

Enough about me since it's really all about Mrs. Team and all the Mrs. Team comrades out there. From the 22-gauge butt shots (does that make me a gun enthusiast?) to the various other medicines (that you girls know what I'm talking about) required for this super long process, even more reasons why we Mr. Teams are damn lucky to have you.

More about Mrs. Team's new hatchlings: they looked like little ying-yangs on the screen before going into their new home. Mrs. Team isn't a big sweet-and-sour fan, so maybe this will solve that little issue the next time we order Chinese food. Then, after the RE dropped them off, the embryopro told us that there was no cell loss from the thaw and, yes, hatching was a good thing. (Full disclosure: I asked the last question; those of you who know Mrs. Team undoubtedly know she knows much more than her Mr., but I do try.)

I'm sure Mrs. Team will write more later when the valium wears off. She was never given it in our other IVF tours, and she's not crampy at all. Makes me wonder if that would help my next marathon...

With all luck and prayer, more good news to come!


  1. Cat? Did you guys fly home after transfer?

    Sounds wonderful to have your two hatching babies on board. The next 9 days will be brutal waiting for beta but I'm sure you'll have great news!

  2. YAY!!! congrats on getting those 2 embies in to thier new exciting! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for yall.

    i'll also be cycling at ccrm (april BCP/may ER)and the wizard for my last cycle as well hoping that it will finally be the one for me and i'll also be doing ccs (but am scared my embies won't make it to day 5), your blog is giving me hope :)

  3. Sky -- We stayed at my parents house in Boulder ... so I got home-cooked meals and a loaner feline!

    Sue -- So nice to meet yet another CCRMer. And so glad the blog helps. If you ever have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at You also may want to join the "CCRM Girls" group on That community has been of great help to me.