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Monday, April 12, 2010

Not the Buddha

So, can I just say I am terrible ... and I do mean terrible ... at the two-week wait. The Valium from transfer day has definitely worn off! I already want to POAS (which is ridiculous because I am only 3 days post transfer ... ) and yet that might not stop me.

I was so Buddha there for 24 hours post transfer (which probably had a lot to do with the Valium), and was feeling so relieved because of the 100 percent cell survival on the frosties and the hatching!! We've never hatched before. On a side note for those of you doing the Microarray at CCRM, you will likely hatch, too. John the embryologist explained that the small hole from the biopsy provides an opening, much like assisted hatching.

So ... when do you think is the earliest I can POAS. 5DPT? And for those of you that have already gotten your BFPs, did you have implantation bleeding? (No sign of that so far ...) I am driving myself nuts. I want these babies so badly ...

I'm taking it very easy and just waiting. Too things I have never reached pro status at. A few twitches and twinges here and there, but nothing major to report.

If you are out there and know the secret to the TWW, please, please, please take me out of misery and share.


  1. I have not had IVF although considering it due to SIF. I have been pregnant 1 time and I did not have implantation spotting.

    Good luck Nicole

  2. 2 hatching blasts sound excellent! My magic 8 ball says "signs point to yes"...
    And advice from my recent relaxed, mellow (not) 2ww? Distract yourself! Any way, any how! Tho try not to do it with cheeze-itz like I did.

  3. It's 5dp5dt which means you should be POAS by now...

  4. Rosie -- I like your 8 ball! And Me, I'm so glad you found me! I've been scouring your blog today. First off, I grew up in Colorado and I also freakin love Lucielles. Best breakfast in town. Okay, enough about food. On to POASing. I have to ask, when did you do your first POAS -- was it 4dp5dt? And was that positive? I did one, although I'm trying to block it out of my memory, on 3dp5dt. I don't know what the heck I thought I was going to see that early, but now I am scared of the sticks! I'm trying to hold off to 7dp ... but not sure if that is doable. I mean, really, could Wonder Woman even wait that long?

  5. The earliest I have EVER gotten a BFP (twice) was on 4dp5dt. It was the thinnest of lines and you certainly do have to wear strong reading glasses, bring it out into the daylight, tilt it a dozen ways and wait beyond ten minutes to see it but it's there. On 5dp5dt, it becomes more believable that it's actually a line and not your imagination.

    And, finally, let me say that everyone's body chemistry is different. There are women who do not show two lines on a FRER until 7 or 8 days post transfer so I wouldn't be terribly discouraged if it's negative yet.

    Good luck - but I'm thinking you won't need it. ;)

    Oh and DO NOT use the cheap internet strips. They're notoriously NEGATIVE until you're 10+ days post transfer - utterly worthless in my opinion. Use the FRER or The Answer. They're excellent quality sticks.